How much will it cost to take legal advice on a Settlement Agreement?

In most cases your employer will contribute towards the cost of you taking independent legal advice on your Settlement Agreement and this amount will be set out in one of the Settlement Agreement clauses.

Astons Solicitors will advise you on the terms of the Settlement Agreement and whether we believe it to be a “good deal” for the fee contributed by your employer.

However, if you decide you are unhappy with any of the Settlement Agreement terms or with the level of Settlement being offered you may ask Astons to go back and negotiate on your behalf with your employer.

In these instances Astons may have to charge an additional fee although we can as part of the negotiation with the employer ask them to increase their contribution to settle the additional amount.

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We are happy to advise you on the terms of your Settlement Agreement over the telephone so there is no need for a face to face meeting meaning we can help Clients wherever they are in the United Kingdom.


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