I’m Worried About being Made Redundant – Part 1.

When the dreaded “Redundancy” word begins to be whispered in the corridors and by the coffee machine your mind doesn’t immediately spring to “Settlement Agreements” and “Happy ever afters”. The first time hear about the possibility of being made redundant, your brain more likely fills with fog or goes into overdrive. But once the initial panic has subsided, it is time to think, understand, investigate, and plan.

What sort of redundancy scenario are you facing?

First off, you’ll want to establish if:

  1. Your organisation is reviewing job roles to establish whether each role is, or isn’t, needed in the future. This is also referred to as a consultation period. This may result in 2) or 3) below eventually, but you may also have the opportunity to present a case to your employer that your role is needed. Or;
  2. Your organisation is offering voluntary redundancy, such that you can take that as an option and negotiate a compensation package via a Settlement Agreement. Or;
  3. Your organisation is imposing compulsory redundancy because, for various reasons, your role is not required. Again, negotiating a Settlement Agreement may still be an available route.

Establishing which stage from the list above you’re facing when you’re being made redundant will give you a much clearer idea of the timescales you are working to. Forewarned is forearmed when it comes to planning.

Accept you may go on an emotional rollercoaster

Even the coolest cucumber will experience a sense of shock, and/or feel stress, at the moment they first become aware they’re being made redundant. It’s an upsetting time.  And you will feel a whole multitude of emotions ranging from fear, to fury, to helplessness, to possibly even shame. In fact, it’s very likely you’ll go through the various stages of grief, namely denial, anger, bargaining, depression and then finally acceptance. But it’s important to remember that redundancy is not personal. It’s not a reflection of you, it’s a reflection of the organisation you work for. From the moment you first hear, to when (if) you sign the Settlement Agreement, your emotional state will be heightened. But that’s normal. So don’t panic.

And once that has sunk in, it’s time to start planning the next chapter of your life…

If you are hearing whisperings of redundancy and would like to get some advice on what to do next please do call us. We’d be delighted to help you understand the process ahead of you.


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